About Electrotech Technology

Who we are

Electrotech Technology is an electronic repair company providing fast, safe and cost effective industrial control equipment repairs. We perform extensive component level repairs to all types of electronic devices and control systems.

As a company, Electrotech Technology seeks to maintain high ethical standards. We are a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do. Decisions are driven by what is right for our valued customers, believing that we can accomplish the most when we work as a team to make a difference. We are committed to our employees, the environment, and communities worldwide.

Electrotech Technology focuses on a friendly yet professional approach, we’re confident that we can help with just about any electronic repair you can throw at us! We have experience in repairing a wide range of electronic equipment, including laptops, PCs, TVs, printers, control boards, HMI , SCADA , CCTV repairs ! If you have any electronic devices in need of repair, Electrotech Technology can provide an affordable solution.

Our Focused Verticals

Frustrated by failing parts and looking for a quality and efficient solution?